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Guangzhou International Smart Real Estate Expo 2019

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Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo

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广州房地产业协会、中国物业管理研究院 Organizer Guangzhou Real Estate Industry Association, China Property Management Research Institute

Exhibition Introduction

Since the reform of the urban housing system, China ’s real estate industry has developed rapidly and made great achievements. At present, China ’s real estate industry has changed from high-speed development to high-quality development. People ’s demand for housing also presents a green, intelligent, and environmentally friendly high-quality housing system. Characteristics, in order to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, implement new development concepts, deepen supply-side structural reforms, accelerate the construction of a modern smart real estate development system, guide the industry's industrialization, internationalization, and open development pattern, and the majority of exhibitors It is unanimously invited that this session of the smart real estate expo will be grandly held with the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. This expo will provide a platform for communication and display of smart real estate and supporting facilities for smart real estate, and work together for the rapid and good development of the smart real estate industry.
【Show information】
Organizers: Guangzhou Real Estate Association, China Property Management Research Institute
Organizers: Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huimao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Supporting Media: Xinhuanet,,, Sina Real Estate, Real Estate Window, Guangzhou Real Estate Information Network, Financial Daily, Guangzhou News Network Real Estate, China City News, Zhejiang Daily, Shenzhen Newspaper Group, Tencent Street View Finding Housing, Housing Tianxia Industry Network, Sohu Focus Network, Guangzhou Radio, Film and Television Group, Shenzhen ZAKER, Today's Headline, Housekeeper Sina Leju, Tencent Real Estate, Viewpoint Real Estate New Media, China Real Estate Finance Network, Property Headline Network, Building Materials Network, Phoenix Real Estate , Shenzhen News Network Real Estate, Dr. Housing, China Business Daily, Zhuhai Real Estate Window, Real Estate Network, Building Materials Network, China Property Service Consultant Network, China Property Window, China Property News Network, Property Information Network, Property Alliance Network, Pacific Security Network, Parking Network, China Property Network, China Tender Network, National Construction Tender Network
Exhibition theme: Convenient for the people, serving the world
[Concurrent Activities]
During the expo, supporting events such as new product launches for exhibitors, supply-demand matchmaking negotiations, and news media meetings will be held. In addition, according to the needs of local industry associations, real estate companies and suppliers, special events such as recommendation conferences and signing ceremonies will be organized to promote the generation of cooperative projects and further promote cooperation and exchanges between supply and demand.
[Exhibition Scope]
● Provincial and City Pavilion: Demonstrate the achievements of smart real estate construction in various provinces and cities, future community planning, national demonstration of smart communities, advanced communities, harmonious communities, community culture and spiritual civilization construction achievements, and community safety governance achievements.
● Smart residential solutions, smart villa solutions, smart hotel solutions, smart building solutions, smart commercial real estate solutions, smart cloud platforms, etc.
● Property companies: brand property companies, technology property companies, smart property companies, property management education and training, construction, equipment, facilities operation and maintenance management and maintenance.
● Smart buildings: green energy-saving technology buildings, smart buildings, smart sensors, weak point security, community security, video intercom, smart hydropower engineering, smart meter reading, smart lighting control systems, smart shading systems, smart HVAC, smart doors and windows, Integrated wiring system, power supply and distribution equipment and electrical products, lightning protection electrical systems and devices, public safety and smart fire protection, system integration, etc.
● Smart community: smart community service platform, elevator management, community charging, access control system, smart convenience terminal, community service station, express post station, express cabinet, unmanned convenience store, intelligent management system, etc.
● Parking management: diagnosis and management of parking lot operation, garage management system, parking guidance system, automatic vehicle identification, smart card smart card system, parking toll system, charging pile, smart barriers, etc.
● Environmental cleaning: landscaping equipment, cleaning vehicles, sweepers, garbage trucks, recycling bins, garbage bins, garbage collection and transportation, garbage bin storage systems, etc.
● Community infrastructure: outdoor fitness equipment, fitness equipment for the elderly, security equipment, fire equipment, water supply and sewage management, street light management, electric barriers, automatic sprinklers, etc.
[Contemporary Forum]
2019 Guangzhou International Smart Real Estate Industry Summit Forum--Singing together in the future, promoting high-quality development, creating a beautiful living life, and promoting high-quality development of real estate are not only the needs of economic and social development, but also the needs of the real estate industry to adapt to new changes. The people's growing needs for a better life, the forum will invite a number of relevant government departments, industry competent units of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, industry research institutions, real estate companies, property company property suppliers, industry associations, Upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, financial service institutions, well-known domestic economists, and property management experts and scholars, etc., explore ways to create and share a smart land industry ecosystem, pass new industry information and development trends for the participants, and help companies grasp the future development direction.
(1) Domestic and international realtors, service providers, suppliers:
(2) Leaders of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and local industry authorities:
(3) Real estate associations, real estate associations, local associations and research institutes, etc., persons in charge and representatives of member units
(4) Representatives of owners, representatives of real estate and property companies, and practitioners;
(V) Relevant domestic and international guests and professionals, media and social media reporters in the real estate industry
Invite well-known companies

[Smart Real Estate Expo Organizing Committee]
Address: Building 2, Dream Valley Industrial Park, No. 888 Huaxu Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Phone: 021-59832289
Phone: 13818296563 Liu Ze
Business QQ: 2860722805

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