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2019 China (Guangzhou) International Smart Education and Education Equipment Exhibition

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Guangzhou · Pazhou International Purchasing Center

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中国智慧教育联合会、中国数字教育产业创新联盟、中国高校创业基金联盟、《中国智慧教育周刊》 Hosted by China Smart Education Federation, China Digital Education Industry Innovation Alliance, China University Venture Fund Alliance, China Smart Education Weekly

Exhibition Introduction

Held concurrently: 2019 China (Guangzhou) International Innovation Education and Maker Education Exhibition
The world is multi-polar, the economy is globalizing, science and technology are advancing with each passing day, and competition for talents is becoming increasingly fierce. Ultimately, it is education. Give priority to education. A strong country must first teach. In order to implement the "Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)", "The 13th Five-Year Plan for Educational Information Technology", "Ten-year Development Plan for Educational Information Technology (2011-2020)", Document 2.0 Action Plan and other documents require that education informatization accelerate educational modernization and practically promote future education. Through the co-construction and sharing of educational resources, the comprehensive and deep integration of information technology and education, the promotion of education and teaching, management innovation, and the integration of schools and enterprises, the sustainable development of education informatization is realized.
Cities foster education, and education makes cities. Improve and improve school running conditions, accelerate school construction and optimization, and promote the rapid development of education in Guangdong and South China. The "2019 China (Guangzhou) International Smart Education and Education Equipment Exhibition" will comprehensively showcase new educational products, new technologies and teaching and research results, and promote the development, exchange, deep integration and learning of the education market. Here I sincerely and warmly welcome colleagues from the education sector, education business enterprises and friends from the social education sector in and outside the region to share in the flourishing education equipment industry event.
Unit in charge: Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
Organizers: China Smart Education Federation, China Digital Education Industry Innovation Alliance, China University Venture Capital Alliance, China Smart Education Weekly
Co-organizers: China Education Federation Preschool Education Professional Committee, China Education Federation Private Education Professional Committee, China Education Federation Campus Energy Conservation Professional Committee, China Education Federation Art Education Research Center, China Education Federation Investment and Financing Service Committee, Zhongguancun Ruixin Software and Integration Services Alliance
Organizers: Shanghai Haojia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Haojia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Setup: December 18-19, 2019 Opening: December 20, 2019
Exhibition: December 20-22, 2019 Dismantling: Afternoon, December 22, 2019
Display content:
Interactive teaching and smart education
Three links and two platforms, home-school links, smart education related solutions, cloud classrooms, cloud desktops, recording and broadcasting systems, flip classrooms, electronic whiteboards, LCD whiteboards, electronic schoolbags, LED large screens, touch all-in-ones, high-speed cameras, videos Booths, high-definition televisions, intelligent education projection equipment, multimedia courseware, multimedia podiums, audio recorders, integrated switchers, educational electronics, audio and video solutions, and other modern educational technologies, products, and solutions;
Creative Maker Education Theme Display Area
3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing pens, 3D printing laboratory construction, 3D printing courses and education solutions, drone teaching and courses, educational robot products, robot education courses, children's programming education and building block teaching, AR \ VR Education solutions, innovative science education courses, STEAM education education solutions, various maker education content provider solutions, etc .;
Basic education, higher education and vocational education technology equipment exhibition area
Teaching instruments and complete sets of equipment, internet of things teaching equipment, three-dimensional motion capture system and virtual simulation system, science education for teenagers, wireless sensing technology and equipment, intelligent teaching aids, psychological evaluation software and psychological decompression related products, training equipment; teaching solutions and Achievements, etc.
Education training and joining exhibition area
Education and training industry project providers, teaching materials, software, products and affiliates
Online education application and service exhibition area
Online education institutions and platforms, artificial intelligence education platforms and solutions, K12 education platform, education resource platform construction, education recording and broadcasting system, online interactive platform, online training system, online examination and intelligent scoring and evaluation system, teaching quality evaluation system , Online payment technology service providers, video conference systems, video / audio processing, central control systems, education cloud technologies and applications, Internet of Things technologies and applications, big data applications and services, course software CDs, computer conference systems and network TV, voice Identification systems, data processing terminals, various programming development and application software, content providers (courseware resources, streaming media, reading, animation, games, music), etc .;
Smart campus construction and IT infrastructure
Smart classroom layout design, smart campus solutions, education cloud solutions, digital education cloud classrooms, online classroom teaching, cloud storage, cloud terminals and cloud desktop virtualization solutions, mobile campus solutions, campus network systems, digital computer room construction and Equipment, campus digital intelligent library equipment, teaching assistance support system, network computers and various terminals, virtual studios, campus television stations, computer room UPS systems and environmental control equipment, wireless projection screens, data processing terminals, network security equipment, etc .;
Campus logistics management and safe campus construction
Settlement software and management system, classroom lighting system, comprehensive solution for economical school construction, green campus solution, campus energy saving and environmental protection equipment and campus intelligent sports products, air purification and campus fresh air system solution, campus culture construction overall solution, campus Video surveillance, campus integrated security solutions, high-definition video conference cameras, high-definition network cameras, video conference terminals, smart education products, campus card, electronic student ID, smart wearable products, access control systems, campus broadcast systems, etc .;

1. Standard booth configuration: provide three-sided enclosure boards, one negotiation table, two chairs, Chinese and English fascia boards, two spotlights, one 220V / power socket, and booths covered with carpet; other extra expenses shall be borne by the exhibitors (double opening (Booths will be charged an additional 20% of the exhibition fee);
2. All facilities in the vacant land shall be paid by themselves, and the decoration unit of the exhibition booth shall pay construction management fee and power supply fee separately;
Directory advertisement:

In addition to being widely distributed free of charge to competent authorities and related associations, professional visitors, and buyers during the conference, the conference catalogue will also be distributed to domestic and foreign owners and distributors through the organizer.
Exhibiting Procedure:
Exhibiting Procedures: Exhibitors should fill out the "Exhibition Registration Form" carefully and fax or email to the Organizing Committee, and remit the participation fee to the account designated by the Organizing Committee within three working days, and fax the bank payment slip to the group Committee in order to confirm eligibility for participation.
Conference arrangement: 30 days before the organizing committee meeting, the "Exhibition Manual" (relevant schedules, transportation of exhibits, hotel reception, booth construction, etc.) will be sent to the exhibitors.
Conference activities:
The organizer will organize multiple forums, seminars, technical exchanges, products and press conferences to contact the participating leaders, companies, and audiences; exhibitors are welcome to apply and hold their own topics. The organizing committee will actively help organize the audience and make every effort to create business opportunities.
Audience composition:
◆ We plan to invite experts from relevant national government departments and education industry;
◆ Leaders and teachers in charge of equipment (schools), asset and equipment divisions, network centers, and logistics equipment divisions in charge of equipment at all levels of general, higher, and vocational colleges across the country;
◆ Relevant leaders of the province, city, district (county) Department of Education, Education Commission, Education Equipment Department, E-education Center, Information Center, Government Procurement Department, etc.
◆ Responsible persons of relevant integrators, agents, distributors, distributors, trade buyers and other related units of various educational technology products nationwide;
◆ Persons in charge of procurement related to online schools, education and training institutions, training centers, and adult education institutions at all levels;
◆ Education brand franchisees and investors, investment and financing companies, bidding companies, Internet media in the education industry and other relevant personnel;
Media reports:
In order to increase the influence and popularity of the exhibition, the organizing committee will invite hundreds of media to report on the exhibition in real time and carry out mass publicity before the launch. CCTV, China Education TV, Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News, China Education Daily, China Sports Daily, 21st Century Business Herald, Economic Observer, Finance Daily, China Business Daily,, Sohu Education, Sina, Xinhua Education, HC Education, Education Brand Website, China Education News Network, People's Network Education, China Wisdom Education Weekly, China Education Information Network, China Education Equipment Purchase Network, etc.
2019 Guangzhou International Smart Education and Education Equipment Exhibition Organizing Committee Secretariat:
Address: Mingshen Business Plaza, 400 Baobao Road, Shanghai
Contact: Mr. Pan
Mobile phone: 18801823515 (also WeChat)
Phone: + 86-21-6186 8309
Business QQ: 916984267

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