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2020 The 13th China International Fire Safety and Emergency Rescue (Hangzhou) Exhibition

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Hangzhou International Expo Center

Until the end of the show

89 days

浙江省消防协会浙江省安全生产协会、浙江省安全工程学会杭州市消防协会、宁波市消防协会江山市消防行 Organizers Zhejiang Fire Protection Association Zhejiang Safety Production Association, Zhejiang Safety Engineering Society Hangzhou Fire Protection Association, Ningbo Fire Protection Association Jiangshan Fire Fighting Company

Exhibition Introduction

East China Fire Protection Exhibition, more than 500 exhibitors, 700 booths, 20,000 square meters exhibition area with 30,000 professional visitors. 2020 China (Hangzhou) International Smart Fire Fighting Summit
Guiding unit: Zhejiang Province Emergency Management Team
Supporters / Organizers: Zhejiang Fire Protection Association Zhejiang Safety Production Association, Zhejiang Safety Engineering Society Hangzhou Fire Protection Association, Ningbo Fire Protection Association Jiangshan Fire Protection Industry Association, Chinafireexpo Organizing Committee Hengxin Exhibition Group
Overseas Supporters: American Fire Protection Association, German Fire Protection Association, International Fire Protection Union, British Fire Engineering Society
Implementation unit: Zhejiang Guoxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
【Exhibition Overview】
At present, China's fire safety industry has ushered in a historic development opportunity. The Emergency Management Department was listed on April 16, 2018. On November 9, the President of the State awarded the flag and delivered a training speech to the national comprehensive fire rescue team. On March 5, 2019, the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People. Regarding emergency response and fire protection, the Prime Minister proposed in the government work report "Improve the national emergency response system, improve disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities" and "optimize Fire enforcement methods "and other related work. On March 19, the 7th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive Deepening Reform was presided over, and the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Fire Law Enforcement was considered and passed. Reforms in the field of fire protection have entered deepwater areas and key links. On March 14, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on the Comprehensive Implementation of the Reform of the Examination and Approval System for Engineering Construction Projects", which made major adjustments to the fire protection approval of construction projects.
According to Zhejiang Province's "Implementation Plan for Three-Year Fire Fighting Action", Zhejiang Province is planning to spend three years fighting a fire safety fight, and has issued a specific implementation plan and timetable. All localities and departments will make active efforts to reduce the total number of fires and the number of deaths year by year. By 2020, the comprehensive level of fire safety management in Zhejiang will be at the forefront of the country, and the hat of the "big province of fire" will be shaken off.
The document of the General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province [2018] No. 52 stated that the construction of smart fire protection should be accelerated. Establish smart fire protection big data platforms at the provincial level, cities, and key counties (cities), organize social units to access relevant data, promote smart fire prevention and control systems on the platform, and dynamically manage and track hidden dangers identified by all units Urge rectification.
In order to actively cooperate with national safety construction, promote the development of fire protection industry, technological innovation and international cooperation, help enterprises accelerate the strategic layout of the market in East China, further strengthen fire safety education, popularize fire safety knowledge, and improve the application level of high-tech fire protection products. Chinafireexpo Organizing Committee, Hengxin Exhibition Group will join Zhejiang Fire Protection Association, Zhejiang Safety Production Association, Zhejiang Safety Engineering Society, Hangzhou Fire Protection Association and many other units at Hangzhou International Expo Center from March 27th to 29th, 2020 The "2020 13th China International Fire Safety and Emergency Rescue Equipment (Hangzhou) Exhibition (Chinafireexpo2020)" was held. The exhibition was specifically organized by Zhejiang Guoxin Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is expected that more than 500 domestic and foreign brand companies will display fire protection and emergency rescue products with an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters and more than 30,000 professional buyers.
After years of development, with the strong support of government departments and industry colleagues, China Fireexpo has increased the scale of exhibitions, exhibition grades, and exhibition results year by year. Each time it is held, it attracts widespread attention from domestic and foreign industries. Yin Junshi, Vice Chairman of China Fire Protection Association, Liu Youqian, Chairman of National Commercial Fire Protection and Safety Association, Gao Wei, Secretary General of Fire Technology Innovation Alliance, Song Bo, Secretary of Emergency Management Ministry Tianjin Fire Research Institute, Wu Lilong, Director of China Fire Protection Association, China Communications Industry Zhao Xuedong, president of the Association's Internet of Things branch, and other relevant leaders from government departments, fire protection associations, and safety production associations across the country participated in the opening ceremony and forum activities. Chinafireexpo has now become an important platform to promote national security, promote trade exchanges in the industry, and help companies develop markets and industry trends.
A comprehensive exhibition promotion and audience invitation program will greatly enhance your participation effect!
——The Chinafireexpo Organizing Committee has a database of millions of high-quality professional buyers across the country, which will be used by East China government authorities, residential construction, emergency fire rescue, fire engineering contractors, builders, real estate developers, and fire protection products. Agents, research institutes, shopping malls, markets, hotels, public entertainment and cultural exchanges, transportation hubs, government agencies, hospitals, radio and television, communications, public buildings, large warehouses, power generation systems, urban gas, large and medium-sized oil depots, dangerous The warehouses, petrochemicals, mines, flammable and explosive materials production, storage and sales units, key project engineering, industrial enterprises and other key invitations, targeted communication, and strong coverage of the industry's upstream and downstream.
[Exhibition Scope]
 Fire alarm equipment, fire detection alarms, controllers, leakage fire alarms, emergency, fire power supplies and other products;
 Technologies and products such as automatic fire extinguishing equipment, sprinkler systems, gas fire extinguishing, aerosol fire extinguishing systems, and dry powder fire extinguishing systems;
 Fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting vehicles, police vehicles, personal protective equipment, rescue equipment, fire monitors, descent equipment, etc .;
 Fire-fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, hydrant systems, demolition tools, fire hoses, fire warning signs, lighting and other products;
Products such as building fire protection, fire protection coatings, heat insulation fire doors and windows, pump valve pipes, high temperature exhaust fans, power supplies and flame retardant materials;
Emergency rescue and rescue equipment, emergency rescue support equipment, emergency engineering rescue equipment, drones, labor protection supplies, etc .;
Internet + smart fire protection, fire IoT technology and application, fire remote monitoring system, safety production protective equipment, etc.
[Exhibition Rules]
Standard booth (3M × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB ¥ 8800 / unit; foreign enterprises: USD $ 2000 / unit.
Luxury standard booths (3M × 3M): Domestic enterprises: RMB ¥ 10800 / piece; Foreign enterprises: USD $ 2500 / piece.
 Indoor open space (from 36㎡): Domestic enterprises: RMB 980 yuan / ㎡; Foreign enterprises: USD $ 250 / ㎡.
Become a sponsor of the conference: In order to enhance the brand awareness and reputation of the company, highlight the product quality and services, and enable companies to participate in the exhibition to achieve good results, the exhibition special conference sponsors are welcome to call the company to inquire. Terms.
 For the catalogue and exhibition hall advertisements, please refer to the “Advertising Invitation Manual” of the conference.
 Note: Exhibitors who register for this exhibition should be legally registered enterprises and institutions at home and abroad. The exhibits must be products approved by legal inspection agencies. Any equipment that is explicitly prohibited by the state and fire departments from being produced and sold will not be allowed to participate in this exhibition, let alone be sold on the market without permission.
Organizing Committee Office:
Hengxin Exhibition Group Zhejiang Guoxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Phone: 400-9943-888 Email:
Contact: Liu Qiang13920776464:

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