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  • Speech by Zhang Chunyu, General Manager of Security Exhibition Network

  • Speech by Cheng Xingfang, Chairman of Xinjiang Security Association

  • Liu Wei, Member of the Party Committee and Director of the Police Department of the Public Security Bureau of Urumqi

  • Wu Shaodong, Vice President of China, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

  • The scene of the 2nd China Security Big Data Development Summit

The 2nd Security Big Data Development Summit Forum and the 2018 Security Industry Awards Ceremony of "Cloud Intelligence Tianshan" was successfully held in Urumqi

March 29, 2019, under the guidance of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Public Security Department, the Urumqi Public Security Bureau, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Security Technology Prevention Industry Association and the 23 provinces and municipal security associations in China, sponsored by the Security Exhibition Network, and exclusively owned by Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. Named, the 2nd Security Big Data Development Summit Forum and the 2018 Security Industry Awards Ceremony of the "Cloud Intelligence Tianshan" strategically co-organized by Jiantou Data (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Xiling Information Technology Co., Ltd. were held in Hilton, Urumqi, Xinjiang. The hotel was grandly held. [Details]

Mainstream media continue to pay attention to the "2nd China Security Big Data Development Summit Forum"

The much-watched "Yunzhi Tianshan" second security big data development summit forum and the 2018 security industry awards ceremony ended successfully in Urumqi, Xinjiang on March 29! More than 30 media including China Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, China News,, CCTV,, Toutiao, Netease News, Corps TV, etc. [Details]

Forum Express
Moderator: Mou Xiaosheng
Zhou Jilie
Security BIM system helps enterprises optimize management
Dahua Shares Xu Yan
HOC systematic layout artificial intelligence big data industry
Construction Investment Data Wang Kebao
Centering on big data management platform to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence
Xiling Information Wang Jineng
Guaranteed cooperation in police applications in AI combat
Huawei Technologies Wu Hong
Video cloud needs to strengthen security protection
Hikvision King
Comprehensive protection of data security from users landing artificial intelligence

the Lord Title: AI Data Application, Development Trend, Data Security
Keynote Speech

Xu Yan: Innovation and Practice of Security Big Data
Vice President of R & D Center and Dean of Big Data Research Institute of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

Dahua's sustained and high-speed development is inseparable from the company's long-term investment in technology research and development and the trust and support of customers, thus achieving its deep market and technology accumulation in the security industry. From the course of industry evolution and company development in recent years, we find that the three elements of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence are mutually reinforcing and inseparable.

Kebao Wang: Sharing of "Big Cloud Tianshan" Security Big Data Solution
Manager of Solutions Department, Jiantou Data Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

As one of the footholds of current big data and artificial intelligence, the security industry has also explored and applied construction investment data. The security industry combines data characteristics and needs, and the main needs to be solved are how to perform multi-dimensional sensing access, multi-dimensional fusion and collision, and how to perform network-wide convergence and intelligent analysis for massive monitoring video data.

Zhao Xinjun: a new model of video big data combat application
General Manager of Xinjiang Xiling Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiling Information has been involved in public security system monitoring since 2008, from the technical support services of the earliest police platform to the current AI big data chain support. In recent years, he has also assisted in the development of several large-scale security activities in Beijing and Shanghai, and has accumulated rich business in the public security industry.

Jin Xiaolu: Discussion on Video Cloud Security Protection Ideas
Huawei Enterprise Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Enterprise Enterprise Solution Expert

From analog to digital to network to high-definition, video surveillance opens a new era in the data era. Huawei Video Cloud adopts global data sharing, and uses VCN and OceanStor to implement the overall storage and cross-domain sharing of urban surveillance video to protect video data security and support Flexible construction and smooth expansion.

Wang Xing: Security and privacy issues stand out in the era of big data
Doctor of Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Why does the big data platform attract everyone's attention in terms of security? How to effectively control data in complex scenarios? What kind of work has Hikvision performed in operation, prevention and maintenance in the application of big data artificial intelligence?

Zhou Jilie: Sharing of "Big Cloud Tianshan" Security Big Data Solution
Guizhou Police Academy Expert

The security information BIM (Building Information Modeling) system is the information model of security engineering. It is jointly released by Guizhou Security Technology Prevention Industry Association, Guizhou Security Engineering Technology Research Center, and China Security Exhibition Network.

Brand Sharing
Urumqi Tianyao Weiye Information Technology Services Co., Ltd.
Beijing Blue Card Technology Co., Ltd.
Xinjiang Shida Jiate Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Xinjiang WWW Engineering Co., Ltd.
Xinjiang Yonghui Shijia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Top Ten Chinese Security Brands Awards
Awarded by China's top 100 security engineering contractors
  • Association Special Acknowledgement Award

  • Top 100

  • Top 100

  • Third batch of Top 100

  • Top 100 fourth batch

  • Fifth Top 100

  • District First

  • Regional second batch

  • Third in the region

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Festival Information
“一路”连续五届蝉联中国安防十大品牌 “One Way” won the top ten security brands in China for five consecutive years
闪耀天山帝恺科技荣膺“中国安防十大品牌”奖 ▏Shining Tianshan Dikai Technology wins "China Top Ten Security Brands" Award
2018中国安防十大品牌出炉安芯锁榜上有名 ▏ The top ten security brands in China released in 2018
三润电子荣获中国安防“楼宇对讲类”十大品牌 ▏Sanrun Electronics won the top ten brands of "Security Building Intercom" in China
智慧眼荣膺“第九届2018年度中国安防十大品牌” ▏Wisdom Eye was honored as "the ninth 2018 China Top Ten Security Brands"
【荣耀】客欧再次荣获多项荣誉 [Glory] Kouou won many honors again
中兴通讯智能家居荣膺“第九届中国安防十大品牌” ▏ZTE Smart Home was awarded “The Ninth China Security Top Ten Brands”
2018安防十大品牌评选捷尚荣获双奖项 2018 Top Ten Security Brands Selection Jieshang Wins Double Awards
聚焦技术创新中金银通斩获中国安防行业十大品牌奖 ▏Focus on technology innovation, China Gold and Silver Pass won the top ten brands in China's security industry
喜获双奖清新互联闪耀天山 ▏ Wins Double Awards
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