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About Qingting Acoustics

Suzhou Qingting Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneer and leader focusing on acoustic innovation and advocating environmental protection in China. It is committed to research and development of high-tech acoustic products that improve the living environment and industrial environment, and interprets the concept of natural health, environmental protection and comfortable life. Since its establishment, Qingting Acoustics has always been based on the strategic focus of acoustic innovation. It has reached a close cooperative relationship with the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to form an integrated development model of production, teaching, and research. It creates services through mutual scientific research strengths, common values and vision in the acoustic field Quality products for society. The company actively promotes the market application of high-tech acoustic products, and its directional acoustic solutions have been successfully applied to more than 20 industries such as corporate exhibition halls, tourist attractions, banks, hospitals, smart homes, outdoor media, education, active security, and intelligent transportation. Qingting Acoustics adheres to the principles of stability, integration, continuity, innovation, openness, and cooperation. It uses great wisdom to create future sound technology and use technology to create a better life. [ Details ]
Qingting Acoustics invites you to the first InfoComm China in the West
Qingting Acoustics was selected into the "Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week Settled in the Top 100 Companies for Growth"
Qingting Acoustics and Suzhou Bank signed a memorandum to jointly create a new model for modern commercial banks "
Qingting Acoustics "Honder snapping system" will appear at ITS Intelligent Transportation Exhibition
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Qingting Acoustics has developed an active security device called the "Eligent"
New trends in bank prison security
  • Juyinbao
  • Sound barrier sound wave drive
  • Whistle camera
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Big screen project
Shanghai People's Square Metro Large Screen Project
Zhangzhou Exhibition Hall Shanghai Huashan Hospital Shanghai Zegna Luxury Exhibition Hall museum Geological Museum of Hebei Province Shanghai Lujiazui Metro Large Screen Project
Changsha Museum Zibo Archives China Mobile Suzhou R & D Center Exhibition Hall Nanshan Museum Sanya Airport
Chinese Imperial Examination Museum Chengdu University of Electronic Technology Shanghai Baoshan Dragon Art Modern Museum Tunshi Town Celebrity Museum Guangzhou Tianhe Department Store Plaza Project
Suzhou Embroidery Museum East China University of Science and Technology Exhibition Hall Jude Memorial Shanghai History Museum Nanyang Model High School VR Interactive Screen
Shanghai Aquarium Niuhang Station Project in Jiangxi Province Guiyang Blockchain Exchange Center Hunan Provincial Museum
Shanghai Auchan Supermarket
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Changan Automobile Hualian Supermarket-Shenzhen
Xianyang Museum Japan-US Optoelectronic Large-scale Exhibition Project Continental Motors applies to trucks and buses
Wuzhong Economic Development Zone Experimental Primary School and Kindergarten
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Suzhou Qingting Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd.
Company address: 3F, 4 # Building, Su Gaoxin Software Park, 78 Keling Road, Science and Technology City, High-tech Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Contact: 18351180948
National unified hotline: 4001581281
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