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Coordinated Co-ordinated Changda Travel Dahua Smart Green Wave Belt Helps Relieve Vehicle Peak Congestion 2020-01-10
The Spring Festival is approaching, and the flavor of the year is getting stronger, only to return. Returning home during the Spring Festival, visiting relatives and friends, partying together, and travelling, transportation is essential, but if you encounter red lights and traffic jams all the way, it will inevitably affect your mood. [Details]
Dahua Yunrui Helps Aunt Qian to Create Fresh Industry Together
Stores have grown 1,000-fold in five years, and are still alive and well in the industry's cold winter? What management platform supports the rapid standardized expansion of Aunt Qian's stores? [Details]
Southco wins award for "Recommended Brand for China's Smart City Construction 2019" 2020-01-09
(Shenzhen, January 7, 2020) Southco won the "2019 China Smart City Construction Recommended Brand" issued by Zhongan.com. [Details]
Hikvision and Fuyang Municipal Government Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Fu Baijun, senior vice president of Hikvision, Zhang Xu, president of Anhui Business Center, and Zhang Shouhua, general manager of the investment department attended the opening ceremony. At the signing ceremony of the centralized project, the Fuyang Municipal People's Government and Hikvision signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. [Details]
Qian Lin's visitor registration system can strengthen the efficiency of government affairs in administrative units
The use of Qianlin's visitor registration system in administrative units can strengthen the management of incoming and outgoing personnel within the unit, maintain unit order, and allow administrative personnel to give their dedicated service to citizens who really need services. [Details]
Qianlin visitor management system gets rid of the inefficiency of traditional access control
In the past, the status of many people's visits and receptions was as follows: When customers came to visit, they always had to do their own work, and they had to go downstairs! Visitor verification is too cumbersome, causing psychological upset! -Dignified visitors, stumped by a door! However, this phenomenon is no longer present, Qianlin visitor management system [detailed]
Hunan outdoor led display advertising LED electronic screen which is better
Outdoor advertising LED displays usually appear in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the media used to publish advertising information on the roofs of major buildings and in front of the commercial areas, roadsides and other outdoor venues. The main forms include road LED displays, LED electronic displays, LED full-color screens, and LED screens. Wait. [Details]
Desheng Technology Supports Shantou to Create Comprehensive Social Security Card Operational Services
At the time of the implementation of Desheng Technology's social security card operation and maintenance service in Shantou, in order to improve the service level of social security card handling in Shantou and meet the "one-stop" business management demand of the new social security card cooperative bank, in December 2019 From 26th to 27th, hosted by Shantou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, co-organized by Tecsun Technology, [Details]
4K HD video recorder goes on sale
Recently, Shenzhen Chunyuan Liying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. announced the successful launch of 4KR-01 video recorder that can record 4K30hz high-definition audio and video, causing a lot of sensation in the industry [details]
Effectively prevent and resolve the risk of fire accidents and truly realize "smart fire protection" _ 乐 鸟 2020-01-06
In recent years, with the development of information technology, everyone has paid attention to smart cities, and the concept of smart cities has gradually been established. From the development of the city's informatization, a smart city is extended. Taking the smart city bus, it extends the smart fire protection. Today we will sort out the development of smart firefighting and see how smart firefighting can be [detailed]
Intelligent file cabinet has been recognized by users. The file cabinet has a stable operating system. 2020-01-06
In the market, for example, public security inspection units have started to use file cabinets. The application of file cabinets has been recognized by many people. Different storage modes are used by users with different needs. We can see smart lockers in schools or live outside. Or see smart cabinets or smart lockers, there are also cabinets in the gym, etc. [details]
Intelligent video analysis-site safety helmet recognition
Safe production has always been a very important part of site production. Only by ensuring the safety of workers can the interests of enterprises be guaranteed. As an important means of protection and protection, helmets have always been required by major companies to wear, but various safety accidents caused by not wearing helmets have occurred. [Details]
What are the advantages of the new smart lock door lock? 2020-01-06
Various types of door locks have appeared in the market today, and some elderly people are still willing to use traditional door locks, but now this type of door lock can no longer meet the needs of young people, [details]
Sailing sails again to build the future 2020-01-06
On December 31, 2019, Huanyutong's 20th Anniversary Celebration and 2019 Annual Commendation Conference were grandly held. In the first part of the event, at the celebration of Huanyutong's 20th anniversary, Chairman Xie Jianhua of Huanyutong Company led everyone to review the 20 years of the company's history and glory since its establishment in 1999. [Details]
Unattended computer room monitoring system
In order to improve the safety management level of power environment equipment, network equipment and other equipment in the information center computer room, enhance the stability of equipment operation, timely discover hidden dangers of equipment failure, improve management efficiency, and reduce work pressure, unattended computer room monitoring is established. [Details]
Congratulations to Chuangjia Smart Lock was awarded the "Electronic Anti-Theft Lock" standard drafting unit 2020-01-04
Shenzhen Tongchuangjia Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the summit. At the summit, it was awarded the "standard drafting unit" of the electronic anti-theft lock GA374-2019 by the China Hardware Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. [Details]
What is the market outlook for technology-based smart locks? 2020-01-04
On the streets we can see various types of smart lock manufacturers. They have launched a new type of product, that is, smart locks. Many hotels have begun to purchase high-quality door locks. They have a common name. Is the hotel apartment lock, [details]
How can I quickly choose the smart lock manufacturer I am satisfied with? 2020-01-04
Nowadays, almost every smart lock manufacturer is based on pre-sales services, in order to attract consumers' attention in a short time. After understanding, it turns out that the major institutions have already spent a lot of money to get themselves. Station, if we also have some needs, then we can come to the station [details]
How to identify the quality of electronic lockers
General electronic storage cabinet materials are divided into cold-rolled steel plates, electrolytic plates, galvanized plates, and so on. Generally the thickness of the board is between 0.6mm and 1.2mm. As a large and medium-sized electromechanical equipment, electronic lockers require maintenance and maintenance. [Details]
Taiwan START portable anti-shooting detector wired wireless camera detector spot in 2020-01-03
The START camera detector is a monocular anti-shooting detector. It uses the military laser principle, combines system integration technology and components, and uses a special phase-modulated laser light source. This powerful near-laser laser element is equivalent to 10 small laser lights, so when you use it, you can see it from the host's sight glass [details]
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