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"Yingcui Garden --- Reconstruction and Upgrade of the Security System around the Community" 2020-01-06
Xiao Ao brought a project case "Yingcui Garden --- Renovation and Upgrade of the Security System of the Outskirts of the Community", Xiao Ao who is responsible for providing the project. Security System Transformation and Upgrade ", Xiao Ao is responsible for providing the project's technical solution and supporting products and installation. [Details]
[Itc audio and video case] A tax bureau boutique project, call the new era of taxation! 2020-01-04
Taxes come from and serve the people. Taxation assumes the functions of organizing fiscal revenue, regulating economy, and regulating social distribution. The Inland Revenue Department is the government agency responsible for taxation. Taking "collecting wealth for the country and collecting taxes for the people" as the purpose of taxation work. [Details]
How to manage fire passages in residential buildings? 2020-01-03
In modern cities, high-rise buildings are row after row, and high-rise buildings rising from the ground are not only multi-functional, but also densely populated and complicated in layout. Once a fire occurs, it is easy to produce a chimney effect, the fire spreads quickly, it is difficult to extinguish, and the evacuation time is long. Now in winter, it is also the period of high fire incidence. [Details]
DIMEX "one-stop" judicial interrogation CD-ROM automatic print management system2019-12-26
In order to ensure the justice of the justice and truly reflect the scene of the interrogation, according to the document requirements such as the "Regulations on the Work of Recording and Video of Interrogation of Suspects by Organs" and other documents:
ESD electrostatic system installation and use matters2019-12-24
The common faults of the ESD electrostatic system three-roller brake are mainly failures of safety protection devices, real-time alarm system failures, LED count display failures, and intelligent control and management failures. There are different solutions for each type of wing brake failure. [Details]
How to choose the right bridge for 30km wireless bridge transmission
How do we choose the right bridge when encountering similar transmission situations? Here through a few comprehensive analysis to choose [details]
A8 guest all-in-one machine used in the Second Brigade of Xi'an Flying Academy
Air Jun No. 2 Flight Academy is a junior flight command academy, responsible for cultivating junior commanders with bomber flight enhancement technology and preliminary command and management capabilities of the aviation bu team. [Details]
Guangdong Yucai Nursery School No. 1 chooses Kestar A8 intelligent visitor machine2019-12-20
In order to improve the safety of the first home of Yucai Nursery School in Guangdong Province, the hospital decided to use the intelligent visitor registration system for foreigners. After multiple screenings, it also selected the Keshida intelligent visitor system. [Details]
Intelligent zebra crossing curve warning product successfully upgraded
After several months of efforts, the company's existing intelligent zebra crossing system and curve car warning system have greatly improved and improved from the product's structural appearance and functional applications. [Details]
Tailong Zhixian LED advertising machine participated in the construction of Changbei Airport Toll Station! 2019-12-19
Recently, the toll station of Nanchang Changbei Airport can be described as an informatization coat of the times and technology. The successful installation of 14 smart LED advertising card slots has made the key crossings in and out of Nanchang Changbei International Airport more noticeable. LED advertising machine, high-definition and exquisite picture without delay switching, not only full of modern sense [details]
Buying strategy of automatic shrink film packaging machine2019-12-18
With more and more manufacturers producing fully automatic shrink film packaging machines, people's purchases have also become confused. Some customers use only price recognition, and some customers only recognize brands. In fact, these are all Into a certain misunderstanding, only the right one is right for you. [Details]
Project of Online Monitoring System for Fixed Pollution Sources with Pretreatment VOCs2019-12-17
According to the atmospheric report, China's air pollution control has entered a tackling phase, and we must focus on the coordinated management of PM2.5 and ozone. [Details]
Dongguan domestic waste incineration fly ash particulate matter online monitor installation case2019-12-17
Osne has set up a 1500 square meter production workshop since 2016, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 sets. Relying on the company's years of technology and solution accumulation in the industry field, Austen has independently developed and launched PM2.5 detectors, [Details]
Is your equipment okay in the cold winter? 2019-12-09
After heavy snow, it is common to cool down, rain or snow. According to statistics, the month with the most severe cold air in China is November in the lunar calendar. After the strong cold air, the average temperature in December in most parts of the north is between -20 ° C and -5 ° C. Rain or frost will also appear in the south , Strong cold air can often bring rain [details]
Simoro customizes outdoor swing gate for Anshan Iron and Steel
The first batch of outdoor swing gates has successfully arrived in Anshan in July and has been installed and put into use. They have been praised by customers, showing a little pride. The second batch of outdoor swing gates is on the way, getting closer and closer to Anshan. [Details]
Ruicheng NTP time synchronization server successfully put into operation in Hangzhou Nanxing Waterworks
Recently, the NTP time synchronization server produced by our company was successfully put into operation in Hangzhou Nanxing Waterworks [details]
W9006 satellite timing equipment successfully runs in Shandong Qingzhou University
Behind file servers, mail servers, Internet gateways, and countless other network devices that data centers rely on, there is a basic trust: computers on the network have accurate time. [Details]
Ruicheng Beidou GPS dual standby time synchronization system put into operation at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Recently, the Beidou GPS dual-machine mutual backup time synchronization system produced by our company has been put into operation at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China [details]
How much do you know about AR stereo prevention and control? 2019-11-29
AR stereo prevention and control adopts panoramic video fusion technology, which combines high-end 4K camera video mosaics to achieve large scene video presentation, and can be integrated with multi-service system data, breaking departmental barriers and information islands, and realizing AR-based visualization enhancement. Display, can meet the global monitoring and emergency response of multi-industry command departments [details]
Hebei Rural Commercial Bank Reconstruction Project Uses Speed HD Pickups
In order to curb and crack down on crimes and reduce financial risks, banks need to effectively and reliably monitor important places and business premises to achieve video and audio preservation of important places and business premises. [Details]
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