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Hikvision and Shizu Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Corporate News Security Exhibition Network Author: November 27, 2019 10:00 Source: Hikvision
Recently, Hikvision and Shizu Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou.

Ou Zaifu, General Manager of Shizu Group, and Xu Ximing, Vice President of Hikvision, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two companies. The two sides stated that they will build a win-win and sustainable development strategic cooperative partnership through close cooperation between the two parties in accordance with the principles of "playing advantages, promoting each other, long-term cooperation, and mutual benefit".
Hikvision Cloud Eye helps remote stores to optimize display, convenient management, checkout loss prevention, etc. through remote video networking, passenger flow statistical analysis, intelligent face recognition, and regional thermal analysis. Marketing management provides data basis to empower new retail.
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