Xiamen Lilin Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Building anti-theft intercom (visual) system, home multi-channel anti-theft alarm system, remote centralized meter reading system, access control system, monitoring system, residential perimeter security alarm system, intelligent security in all areas, communication networking, Smart meter reading, smart property management
Shenzhen Weimar Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Video building intercom, network smart home system, network building intercom system, bus building intercom system, building video intercom, video doorbell
Shenzhen Ruikeda Electronics Co., Ltd.
Main: IP radio intercom manufacturers, IP network radio, campus radio, emergency help, IP radio intercom system, Village Village, IP intercom radio, IP public broadcasting system, network audio module, bank intercom, background music, Webcast, Banbantong
Xiamen Dinike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Digital smart home system, intelligent video intercom system, security video intercom system, energy-saving intercom system, telephone video intercom system, TCP / IP networked video intercom system, wireless doorbell intercom system And many other product series. Can realize multiple functions of intelligent integrated management of the community such as video intercom, defense zone alarm, home control, information release, access control card swiping, telephone intercom, image storage, elevator control, multimedia playback, etc.
Beijing Easy Control Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Main: C language central control system, iPad central control system, exhibition audio and video control system, large screen mosaic processor, high-definition hybrid matrix
Fujian Huanyutong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Digital Medical Intercom System, Digital Supervision Intercom System, Safe City / Campus Intercom Comprehensive Application Solution, Bank Intercom System, Building Intercom System, Wireless Call System, Full Duplex Teller Intercom,
Hangzhou Bluebird Electronics Co., Ltd.
Main: Intelligent System; Weak Current System
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