Shenzhen Xinlanxi Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Japan Panasonic PANASONIC, Japan SONY, Japan Fujinon lens, Japan COMPUTAR lens, specializing in the production of infrared high-speed ball
Beijing Jiayihua Security Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Hikvision camera, Hikvision dome camera, Hikvision big screen, Hikvision video recorder
Shenzhen Jiezhitong Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Haikang, Gangzi, Tiandiweiye and other surveillance cameras, Computar, Tamron, Seiko, Fujinon, Phoenix and other lenses
Gansu Zhonglian Weishi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Operating security system integration, video surveillance, burglar alarm products and engineering business, integrated wiring, video conferencing, access control all-in-one card, agent products: Hikvision, Dahua, Alliance burglar alarm, etc
Beijing Meilian Intercom Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: HD hybrid matrix 1 card 1 channel and 1 card 4 channels, fiber optic matrix, KVM fiber optic matrix, DVI / HDMI optical transceiver, VGA optical transceiver, 3G / HD / SD-SDI / ASI / TS stream optical transceiver, KVM optical transceiver, broadcast level Audio and video optical transceiver, AES / EBU digital audio optical transceiver, converter / distributor, etc.
Shenzhen Shian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Main business: parking lot charging management system, license plate recognition integrated machine, face recognition, access control, anti-theft alarm system, intelligent analysis hard disk video recorder, high-definition network camera and other security monitoring equipment.
Shanghai Ruicheng Electric Co., Ltd.
Main: GPS satellite synchronized clock, NTP time server, time synchronization server, GPS school clock, Beidou timing system, network time synchronization
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