Shenzhen Tongdazhi Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Business: Lifting Columns, Speed Gates, Wing Gates, Swing Gates, Turnstiles, Three Roller Gates, Translation Gates, Smart Attractions Ticketing System, Weijia School System, Witness Identification System, Site Management System, QR Code Access Control System , Anti-terrorism roadblock equipment
Xiamen Lilin Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Building anti-theft intercom (visual) system, home multi-channel anti-theft alarm system, remote centralized meter reading system, access control system, monitoring system, residential perimeter security alarm system, intelligent security in all areas, communication networking, Smart meter reading, smart property management
Shenzhen Jiaotongtong Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Business: Residential Access License Plate Recognition System, High-definition License Plate Recognition Integrated Camera, Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking Management System, Pure License Plate Recognition System, Intelligent Parking Lot Management System, Construction Site Credit Card Attendance System, Mining Area Vehicle Count Attendance System, Engineering Vehicle Automatic Counting Secondary system, Shenzhen parking lot; smart community card system; Shenzhen Daozha; high-speed Daozha; non-parking toll system; smart Daozai; railing machine; parking facilities; Daozha; parking lot; car parking; parking lot charging system Intelligent parking lot; entrance and exit control machines; transportation facilities; signs; speed bumps; vehicle detectors; ticket boxes; sentry boxes; parking locks; patrol systems; magnetic locks; card issuers; three roller gates; card readers; automatic card exit Machine; wheel locator, parking facility, parking management system
Beijing Qianlin Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Visitor machines, self-service order machines, self-service ticket machines, hotel self-check-in machines, queue machines
Beijing Blue Card Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Non-parking long-distance parking management system, inductive electronic patrol inspection system
Shenzhen Huashi Electronic Read-write Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main: ID card reader, handheld ID card reader, second generation ID card reader,
Shenzhen Jieshuntong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Intelligent parking lot charge management system, intelligent access control management system, intelligent elevator management system, intelligent access control attendance management system, intelligent access management system, vehicle attendance system system and other products
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