Dongtai Ganghui Ship Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main: Air respirators, protective clothing, chemical protection clothing, thermal insulation clothing, thermal insulation clothing, oil and sewage separators, life jackets, life buoys, fireman equipment, escape ladders
Dongtai Weir Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main Business: Positive pressure air respirator, four bottle cart-type long tube respirator, gas mask, mobile air supply, electric air supply type long tube respirator, forced air supply respirator, pump type long tube respirator, Air respirator accessories: full-face mask, air supply valve and other personal breathing safety equipment.
Dongtai Dongfang Ship Assembly Co., Ltd.
Main Business: Breathing Apparatus, Air Breathing Apparatus, Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, National Standard Long Tube Breathing Apparatus, Life Jacket, Chemical Protective Clothing, Thermal Insulation Clothing, Thermal Insulation Clothing, Life-saving Lamps, Bell Gong, Hydrostatic Pressure Release Device, Marine Oil Sewage Separator device
Dongtai Haichang Lifesaving Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main business: lifesaving signals, rope throwers, rope throwing equipment, thermal insulation clothing, professional life jackets, professional life buoys, inflatable life jackets, thermal insulation clothing, fireman equipment, fire smoke, life rafts.
Dongtai Dongfang Ship Assembly Co., Ltd.
Main: Our company mainly produces oil-water separators, domestic sewage treatment equipment, air respirators, emergency escape respirators, firefighter equipment, chemical protection clothing, fire protection clothing, thermal insulation clothing, life jackets, various marine accessories and other life-saving fire-fighting series product
Beijing Aozhiqiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Japan Takenaka (TAKEX) flame detector, infrared radiation, infrared probe, open flame detector, Takenaka photoelectric sensor, photoelectric switch
  • How Smoke Generators Work How Smoke Generators Work

    The smoke generator is a smoke dan dedicated to fire drills. It can also be used to produce stage smoke effects, detect leaks in sealed containers such as boilers, and check whether air is circulating. [detailed]

    1550 2019-11-14 1550
  • 7 ways to prevent data center fires 7 ways to prevent data center fires

    The data center is composed of multiple systems such as software, hardware equipment, auxiliary infrastructure, and multiple sets of products. It needs to be cleaned regularly to make better use of the existing facilities of the data center ... [detailed]

    1480 2019-11-09 1480
  • Viandas laser on-beam detector achieves different beams working in four directions Viandas laser on-beam detector achieves different beams working in four directions

    Laser on-beam detectors have the advantages of strong laser penetrability, long detection distance, and extremely low false alarm rate. Since their introduction, they have been the intrusion prevention and special detection of the perimeter of key security control places ... [Detail]

    1551 2019-08-30 1551
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