Shenzhen Shunanju Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Network Alarm Host, Infrared Detector, Gas Detector, Vibration Detector, Bus Alarm Host; Bosch Alarm; Perimeter Alarm; Network Alarm; Infrared Shooting; Honeywell Alarm Host
Guangzhou Jintu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main Business: Security Door, X-ray Security Machine, Explosion-proof Blanket, Explosion-proof Tank, Dangerous Liquid Detector, Vehicle Inspection Mirror, Metal Detector, Prospector
Shenzhen Yiju Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Anti-theft alarm, pulse electronic fence host, bus alarm host, network alarm host, GSM alarm host, 110 network alarm host, infrared radiation, infrared grating, infrared detector and other security products
Shenzhen Anertong Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Security Inspection Machine, Security Gate, Handheld Metal Detector, Explosive Detector
Gansu Zhonglian Weishi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Operating security system integration, video surveillance, burglar alarm products and engineering business, integrated wiring, video conferencing, access control all-in-one card, agent products: Hikvision, Dahua, Alliance burglar alarm, etc
Shenzhen Aili Security Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main: Anti-theft alarm controller
Guangzhou Ailifu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Main: Active infrared beam, bus / split alarm host, pulse electronic fence, infrared grating, infrared light wall, intelligent anti-theft alarm, passive infrared detector, Viandas laser beam, anti-theft alarm accessories, central management software
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