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Electronic bayonet



Its high school bid for Dazhou whistle capture equipment procurement project

On the occasion of this year's end and the beginning of the year, Gao Zaixian's good news: Successfully won the bid for the equipment procurement project of the whistle capture system of the traffic police detachment of the Dazhou Public Security Bureau, achieving a successful sales ...

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CBN cordially invites you to participate in the 17th Shenzhen Expo
Fiberhome Communications: MIFON smart home products enter "Guangsha
Jieruitong fog zone induction system installed on Sandu-Libo highway in Guizhou
Touch Vision Unveiled LEAN AI Concept
Sanwang Communications assists Tianjin Binhai New Area in building electronic police monitoring system
Dahua Shares Integrated Toll Station Capture Unit Comes to Speed Up
Announcement of the Second Public Bidding of Civil Air Defense Project Video Surveillance System Construction Project of Zhangye City
Public tender for campus monitoring equipment in Gaoliang Town Central Elementary School, Deqing County
Announcement of Public Bidding for Construction Project of "Smart Campus" Safe Campus Video Surveillance (Phase III) of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering School
Guangdong Zhaoqing Middle School Campus Video Surveillance Equipment Public Bidding Announcement
2017OT035 Student Dormitory Replacement of Purchase of Fire Extinguishers and Other Fire Fighting Equipment (Recruitment) (CLPSP17GZ10ZC26A)
Announcement on the tender for the addition of fire prevention equipment for the construction of the forestry equipment warehouse and the grassroots management office
Public Bidding Announcement of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Library Access Control System Construction Project
Public Bidding Announcement of Wuhan University of Technology Campus Traffic Access Control System Reform

Electronic bayonet · Recommended model

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technical article

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Analysis of the Cause of the Low Bayonet Recognition Accuracy

Abstract: In recent years, investment in traffic bayonet construction has continued to increase in various places, forming a large-scale and wide-ranging situation. However, due to the failure of the concept and mechanism of equipment operation and maintenance management, some bayonet equipment has been left out of management or management In place ...

* Integrated application of professional, government management, public service agencies, Internet data

Abstract: Improving the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system is the backbone of public safety and the basic guarantee for building a safe China. General Secretary Xi Jinping has issued important instructions many times, demanding that the social security prevention and control system be accelerated and the modernization level of safety construction be improved.

Electronic bayonet · Specifications sample

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Silicon Valley Electric Industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Silicon Valley Electric Industry (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Yangzhuo Shengchuang Technology Co., Ltd.)

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