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Parking equipment



P4 parking lot at Shanghai Pudong International Airport officially opens Cotor parking to inject smart energy into aviation hub

In order to alleviate the tight parking resources and avoid a series of problems in the P1 and P2 parking lots, the P4 parking building of Pudong Airport put forward high-quality, high-level, high-standard construction needs from the beginning ...

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Reduce costs and improve efficiency without panic blue card parking to help
Deya intelligent parking management system sets new heights in stand service
Deya ETC System Lands at Taizhou Airport, Launches New ETC Parking
Deya scan code payment machine diversified payment efficient passage
Intelligent management of Deya unmanned parking system to improve traffic experience
Deya intelligent parking access control system opens a new chapter in parking management
Announcement of the Second Public Bidding of Civil Air Defense Project Video Surveillance System Construction Project of Zhangye City
Public tender for campus monitoring equipment in Gaoliang Town Central Elementary School, Deqing County
Announcement of Public Bidding for Construction Project of "Smart Campus" Safe Campus Video Surveillance (Phase III) of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering School
Guangdong Zhaoqing Middle School Campus Video Surveillance Equipment Public Bidding Announcement
2017OT035 Student Dormitory Replacement of Purchase of Fire Extinguishers and Other Fire Fighting Equipment (Recruitment) (CLPSP17GZ10ZC26A)
Announcement on the tender for the addition of fire prevention equipment for the construction of the forestry equipment warehouse and the grassroots management office
Public Bidding Announcement of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Library Access Control System Construction Project
Public Bidding Announcement of Wuhan University of Technology Campus Traffic Access Control System Reform

Parking equipment · Recommended model

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Parking equipment · Specifications sample

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