Monitoring equipment

Unmanned helicopter fixed wing drone multi-rotor drone umbrella wing drone flapping wing drone drone drone accessories
Monitoring system
Audio surveillance system Wireless surveillance system Video surveillance system Digital surveillance system Other surveillance systems UAV system
Monitoring system and software
Video image analysis monitoring software system Digital video remote monitoring system Voice / fax mailbox system Community intelligent system Speed capture system License plate recognition device Other monitoring systems
Transmission equipment
EOC Transmitter POE Switch Transmitter Receiver Wires and Cables Twisted Pair Video Transceiver Vision, Image Sensor Twisted Pair Transmission Equipment RS Relay Hub Wireless Transmission System Converter Network Transmitter Optical Transceiver Optical Transceiver One- Wire Communication
Recording equipment
Network storage product chip audio / video capture card network video encoder hard disk video recorder video capture card disk array audio card board card hard disk other recording equipment
Display equipment
Inquiry machine LCD splicing screen advertising machine TV wall / splicing wall display LED display character overlay LCD monitor monitor other displays / displays
Control equipment
Inverter matrix controller anti-jammer encoder video signal converter video server expansion accelerator card video distributor decoder matrix switcher audio switcher screen processor PTZ video switcher PTZ controller video encoder matrix code converter monitoring Host interface unit Follower Splitter Keyboard Other control equipment
Camera equipment
Analog camera USB camera video conference camera wireless camera camera digital camera HD camera wide dynamic camera waterproof camera car camera camera module fixed focus camera day and night conversion camera electronic eye network camera road monitoring camera flying saucer camera conch camera smoke sensor camera integrated camera Turn black camera gun camera dome camera ordinary camera infrared camera explosion-proof camera black and white camera color camera ball camera high speed smart ball network camera lens other camera equipment
Peripheral equipment
Pickup wire box connector disk array card seat power movement case cover, ball cover infrared lamp bracket other peripheral equipment

Anti-theft alarm

Ceiling Detector Intrusion Detector Microwave Detector Dual Detector Detector Infrared Sensor Curtain Detector Special Detector Vibration Sensor Glass Detector Infrared Detector Metal Detector Smoke Detector Gas Detector
Anti-theft alarm equipment
Car anti-theft alarm networking alarm system perimeter alarm infrared fence gas alarm security door phone networking alarm sound and light alarm electronic fence alarm anti-theft alarm integrated anti-theft alarm system power anti-theft alarm home commercial alarm infrared butt- connected alarm , alarm host electronics Anti-theft system GSM anti-theft alarm gas alarm networking alarm wireless alarm alarm module security door safe locks other anti-theft, alarm equipment and systems
Anti-theft alarm accessories
Alarm linkage box, anti-theft lock, baton, electronic welcome device, anti-lost door sensor, window magnetic siren probe, sensor button switch, remote control, keyboard, siren, and other accessories
Security equipment
X-ray machine metal detector


Access control attendance equipment
Self-service fingerprint access control machine , food sales machine, consumer machine, access control, time attendance machine, fingerprint time attendance, access control time and attendance equipment and system, access control, punch card, time attendance, queue, other access control
Access control intercom
Access control equipment
Repeater electronic ticket system doorbell channel gate gate gate gate guard guard management equipment access controller card system door closer three roller shutter gate wing gate swing gate other access control
Fingerprint recognition device Face recognition device Palm recognition device Iris recognition ID card reader
Electronic Patrol
Patrol system and software
Intercom equipment
Video / non-visual door phone building intercom system intercom extension intercom host intercom module called number microphone other intercom equipment
Card reader
Card reader proximity card reader contact card reader other card reader
RFID card smart card radio frequency card induction card anti-counterfeiting card TI card ID card magnetic card IC card other cards
Smart lock
Pushbar lock Electric control lock Parking lock Smart card door lock Escape lock Electric lock bracket Induction lock Fingerprint lock Magnetic lock Electric plug lock Anode lock Cathode lock
Self-service equipment
Self-service card pick-up machine , order machine, ticket machine, check-in machine, other self-service equipment

Lightning protection equipment

Lightning protection equipment
Lightning protection Lightning protection Power strip Lightning module Signal lightning arrester Surge protector Power arrester Grounding product Lightning rod Lightning arrester Lightning protection box

Fire equipment

Fire fighting vehicles and equipment
Fire extinguishing robot fire water crane fire truck fire pump fire gun fire truck with accessories
Personnel protective equipment
Fire helmet emergency call for help system lifesaving air cushion protective mask mask rescue tool fire clothing respirator other protective equipment
Fire alarm equipment
Fire door fire alarm module smoke detector sound and light alarm trigger device other detection alarm equipment
Automatic fire extinguishing equipment
Handheld fire extinguisher aerosol fire extinguishing equipment water supply equipment accessories foam fire extinguishing equipment dry powder fire extinguishing equipment gas fire extinguishing equipment sprinkler nozzles other automatic fire extinguishing control equipment
Fire fighting equipment
Seat belt safety hammer fire water pump fire rope fire bridge fire warning sign fire protection emergency lighting water pump adapter eps emergency power hose reel fire extinguisher box filling equipment hose interface fire hydrant box fire hose

smart transportation

Electronic bayonet
Electronic bayonet security bayonet snapping system
Parking equipment
Parking management system, parking software, parking fee, parking space, parking guidance, parking lock, car ticket box, other parking facilities
Intelligent Transportation
Transportation system and software driving recorder Other intelligent transportation products
Special vehicles
Road wrecker, electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, other special vehicles
Traffic toll collection equipment
Parking toll system Other traffic tolling equipment
Traffic detection control
Traffic warning light signal controller induction coil road detection rangefinder other traffic detection
Traffic safety facilities
Warning light road spike roadblock road cone other safety facilities
Vehicle detection equipment
Speedometer Detector Vehicle Detector Weigher Other Vehicle Inspection
Vehicle navigation system
Car navigation system other navigation system
3S products
3S system and software RS products GIS products GPS products Other 3S products


Anti-static products
Anti-static products, anti -static shoes, anti-static clothing
Protective equipment
Protective shoes

Smart home

Smart home
Smart decoration, weak current engineering, ecological coating, home security, smart community network, meter reading, smart lighting, smart furniture, digital appliances, automatic doors and windows, smart curtains, smart remote control, smart door lock, smart switch, home energy saving smart appliances, other smart homes

Broadcast conference system

Broadcasting peripherals
Horn Antenna Equalizer Speaker Timer Horn Other Peripherals
Conference system
Microphone projection equipment and accessories Video conference equipment Other conference systems
Public broadcasting system
Background music system sound lawn light mixer player regulator amplifier amplifier speaker post other public broadcasting

Security universal accessories

Explosion-proof electrical appliances
Explosion-proof controller Explosion-proof switch Explosion-proof operation column Street light series Fluorescent lamp Lighting searchlight Explosion-proof flashlight Explosion-proof box Explosion-proof box Explosion-proof lamp Other explosion-proof series
Chassis cabinet
Network Cabinet TV Wall Chassis Other Chassis Cabinet
General accessories for security
Wire and cable bracket other accessories
Other security products
Other security products

Explosion-proof electrical appliances

Explosion-proof electrical appliances
Fluorescent lamp Street light series Lighting searchlight Explosion-proof flashlight Explosion-proof box Explosion-proof box Explosion-proof lamp Explosion-proof operation column Explosion-proof switch Explosion-proof controller

Internet of things

RFID system application RFID chip RFID module RFID antenna RFID tag RFID reader RFID printer other
Fingerprint recognition Face recognition Iris recognition Palm print recognition Voice recognition Handwriting recognition Gait recognition Vein recognition Gene recognition Other biometrics
Sensor chip sensor module pressure sensor liquid level sensor temperature sensor power sensor weighing sensor displacement sensor photoelectric sensor distance sensor speed sensor digital sensor concentration sensor gas sensor sound sensor angle sensor image sensor magnetic sensor hall sensor force sensor heat sensor biosensor torque sensor vibration SensorLaser sensorUltrasonic sensorTemperature and humidity sensorOther sensors
Satellite navigation and positioning
Antenna chip board ground system guidance / measurement equipment navigation equipment timing equipment vehicle equipment portable equipment electronic map and content service navigation positioning application solution other terminal equipment
3D printing
Home 3d printer industry 3d printer high precision 3d printer bio 3d printer jewelry 3d printer construction 3d printer food 3d printer other 3d printer
Barcode equipment
Barcode Scanner Barcode Printer Barcode Software Barcode Consumable Other Barcode Equipment
Industrial Ethernet
Ethernet switch Ethernet switch accessories Profinet Modbus-TCP Powerlink EPA HSE Ethernet I / O PLC network module PC network card fiber converter hub gateway serial server multiple serial card modem repeater router connector bridge network card firewall wireless Ethernet device optical isolator Optical transceiver other
Other products
Sensor RFID biometric QR code IPV6 communication network TD-LTE wireless sensor ETC M2M

Smart City

Smart city
Smart City


Weighing products
Forklift scales Floor scales Hanging scales Electronic scales Other weighing products
Electronic and electrical biological instruments experimental instruments detection instruments analysis instruments automation instruments other instruments

Insulation / sealing / anti-corrosion / waterproof

Waterproof material
Waterproof Coil Waterproof Coating Building Sealing Material Rigid Waterproof Material Other
Packaging materials
Edible packaging material, degradable plastic, environmentally friendly packaging box, environmentally friendly packaging bag, environmentally friendly packaging film, environmentally friendly packaging paper, environmentally friendly packaging box, and other
Building decoration materials
Color steel room / tile environmental protection floor material environmental protection wall material environmental protection wall decoration environmental protection pipe environmental protection paint other
Flame retardant materials
Flame retardant fabric, flame retardant chemical fiber, flame retardant plastic, flame retardant rubber, fire retardant coating, flame retardant wood material, flame retardant paper, inorganic non-combustible filling material, other
Insulation material
Insulation board Insulation pipe Insulation slurry Insulation Tile shell Air conditioner Wood care Glass wool Rock wool board Slag cotton Polyurethane rubber plastic aluminum silicate Phenolic insulation thermal insulation equipment Other
Sealing material
Mechanical seals, rubber seals, plastic seals, graphite seals, composite seals, sealants, other seal materials
Epoxy floor
Epoxy floor epoxy self-leveling floor epoxy epoxy floor antistatic floor epoxy mortar floor epoxy anticorrosive floor epoxy colored sand floor epoxy non-slip floor epoxy other epoxy floor
Anticorrosive coating
Glass flake coating epoxy anticorrosive coating polyurethane anticorrosive coating
Other environmental protection materials
Iron sheet insulation material Anticorrosive pipe insulation tube insulation mortar phenolic board centrifugal glass wool glass wool board glass wool felt rock wool slate wool sliver fire insulation material packing packing gasket ceramic fiber rubber board wood care

Water treatment

Water treatment
Raw water treatment equipment integrated sewage treatment chlorine dioxide generator water purification disinfection water treatment preparation other water treatment equipment

Biological reagent

Biological reagent
elisa kit plant kit diagnostic kit molecular biological reagent biochemical reagent antibody cell strain serum / culture medium antibody reagent animal serum laboratory consumable staining solution standard / control experiment consumable other biological reagent

Pump / valve / pipe fittings

Pipeline pump, fire pump, pressure test pump, air conditioning pump, diaphragm pump, feed pump, plunger pump, vortex pump, sewage pump, high pressure pump, sewage pump, gear pump, shield pump, mud pump, self-priming pump, axial pump, booster pump, circulating pump, metering pump, process pump, centrifugal pump, corrosion-resistant pump Oil pump piston pump slurry pump, impurity pump submersible pump vortex pump mixed flow pump rotor pump screw pump vacuum pump reciprocating pump magnetic pump submersible pump chemical pump barrel pump pump station other pump pump accessories
Valve body flow control valve Exhaust valve Needle valve Foot valve Gas valve Angle valve One-way valve Expansion valve Manual valve Discharge valve Gate valve Stop valve Throttle valve Instrument valve Plunger valve Diaphragm valve Plug valve Ball valve Butterfly valve Check valve minus Pressure valve trap valve bottom valve regulating valve blowdown valve electric valve solenoid valve reversing valve valve accessory actuator vacuum valve safety valve hydraulic valve relief valve knife valve ceramic valve other valves
Pipe Fittings
Pipe elbow flange live joint pipe clamp ferrule three-way four-way gasket flange blind plate head pipe plug snap ring drag ring bracket pipe clip other pipe fittings
Pump valve
Fire pump pump valve fittings other pump valve equipment


Plant dehumidifier Explosion-proof dehumidifier Warehouse dehumidifier Pharmacy dehumidifier
Air heater duct heater bearing heater electromagnetic heater steam heater induction heater microwave heater liquid electric heater thermal oil heater other heater


Semi-trailer Single tire trailer trailer accessories other trailers

Wire and Cable

Wires and cables
Other wire and cable control cable rubber sheathed cable communication cable signal cable power cable mining cable data cable coaxial cable computer cable special cable cable accessories


Gasoline Generator Diesel Generator Diesel Generator Welder Gasoline Generator Welder Digital Inverter Generator Other Generator

Explosion-proof products

Explosion-proof products
Explosion-proof control box Explosion-proof pipe Explosion-proof tool Explosion-proof motor Mine Explosion - proof Explosion - proof Air-conditioning Fluorescent lamp Lighting searchlight Explosion-proof flashlight Explosion-proof box Explosion-proof box Explosion-proof lamp Explosion-proof operation column


Filter equipment
Oil filter
Other machinery and equipment
Other mechanical equipment Foaming machine Bending machine Packaging machine Oil temperature machine Engraving machine Mining equipment

Environmental monitoring

Water quality analysis instrument
Water Sampler Dissolved Oxygen Tester / Dissolved Oxygen Tester COD Tester Oil Tester BOD Tester TOC Analyzer COD Digestion Tester Online Conductivity Meter Online PH Meter Suspended Matter Tester Permanganate Index Tester Volatile Phenol Tester Ammonia Nitrogen Tester Total Phosphorus Analyzer Total Nitrogen Analyzer Algae Analyzer Algae Counter Ion Analyzer Water Quality Heavy Metal Detector Cyanide Detector Sulfide Detector Halogen Analyzer Residual Chlorine, Total Chlorine Detector Sludge Detector / Interface Meter Water Toxicity Analyzer Phosphosilicate monitor, flow rate monitor, E. coli analyzer, multi-parameter water quality detector, water quality online monitoring system, turbidity meter, water level recorder, infrared oil meter, infrared moisture meter, volumetric moisture meter, coulomb moisture meter, high performance liquid chromatography, ultraviolet fluorescence Oil Detector Electronic Analysis Balance Gas Chromatograph Constant Temperature Incubator Data Acquisition Transmission Instrument Consumable Accessories Other Water Quality Testing Instruments
Gas detection instrument
Gas Sampler Particle Sampler Microbial Sampler Dust Sampler Air Detector Gas Analyzer Dust Detector / PM2.5 Detector Particle Counter Odor Detector VOC Detector / TVOC Detector Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer Ozone Analyzer Ammonia Gas Analysis Formaldehyde detector carbon monoxide analyzer / carbon dioxide analyzer thermal conductivity gas analyzer solar photometer automobile exhaust gas analyzer multi-gas detector gas dilution meter zero gas generator gas alarm smoke analyzer haze monitoring system smoke online monitoring system CEMS Air Quality Automatic Monitoring System Alcohol Detector High-purity Gas Analysis System Smoke Detector Moisture Analyzer Soap Film Flowmeter Other Gas Detector
Radiation measuring instrument
Radon / radiometer / ray detector field detector liquid scintillator whole body counter other radiation measuring instrument
Environmental emergency monitoring equipment
Vehicle-mounted GC-MS instrument infrared multi-gas analysis portable spectrophotometer toxic and harmful gas rapid detection portable multi-parameter tester rapid detection tube / reagent breathing / protection / decontamination / alarm device communication / lighting / command system electronic map / navigation emergency database Emergency monitoring vehicle portable gas chromatograph vehicle-mounted X-ray-fluorescence spectrometer other
Other environmental monitoring instruments
Soil Sampler Soil Tester Soil On-line Monitoring Noise Meter / Sound Level Meter Noise Sensor Noise Corrector Noise On-line Monitoring Vibration Measuring Instrument Illuminance Meter Flow Monitoring Vehicle Data Collector
Control instrument
Flowmeter, level gauge, pressure gauge, water level controller, conductivity meter, salinity meter, PH meter, turbidity meter, thermometer, level meter, operation display, automatic control system
Environmental services
Environmental testing services
Consumable accessories
Supplies accessories

Noise control

Damping equipment
Shock absorber, shock absorber, shock pad, rubber pad, rubber shock pad, spring shock absorber, air cushion shock absorber, shock absorber, air shock absorber, car shock absorber, electric vehicle shock absorber, motorcycle shock absorber, fan shock Bicycle shock absorber water pump shock absorber pipe shock absorber air conditioner shock absorber other shock absorber
Sound insulation device / material
Sound insulation room, sound insulation window, sound insulation door, sound insulation box, sound insulation board, sound insulation board, cotton insulation curtain, sound insulation felt, sound insulation film, automobile sound insulation material, sound insulation floor, sound insulation wall panel, other sound insulation material
Sound-absorbing material
Sound-absorbing board polyester fiber sound-absorbing board cloth sound-absorbing board wooden sound-absorbing board mineral wool sound-absorbing board perforated sound-absorbing board fire-absorbing sound-absorbing board ceramic aluminum sound-absorbing board elevator well sound-absorbing board sound-absorbing cotton speaker sound-absorbing cotton car sound-absorbing cotton sound-absorbing soft bag sound-absorbing coating sound-absorbing cloth sound-absorbing wallpaper sound-absorbing board Other sound-absorbing materials
Fan muffler exhaust muffler motor muffler pipe muffler muffler static pressure box steam muffler duct muffler muffler shutter muffler check valve other muffler
Low noise equipment
Low Noise Fan Low Noise Cooling Tower Low Noise Motor Low Noise Air Generator Other
Noise detector
Noise meter volume meter noise analyzer decibel tester vibration measuring instrument noise sensor noise corrector other

Electrical equipment / Industrial appliances

Linear power module power LED power EPS power UPS power communication power medical power power power high voltage power regulated power supply variable frequency power switching power supply power adapter inverter other power
Battery / Battery
Ni-MH battery lead acid battery polymer battery fuel battery lithium battery power battery battery repair / test other batteries
DC motor, AC motor, servo motor, stepper motor, reduction motor, speed measurement motor, micro motor, dedicated motor, motor parts, vibration motor
Synchronous generator asynchronous generator variable frequency generator micro generator generator set generator accessories
Insulation material
Insulation tube insulator insulator plate insulation gasket other insulation products
Welding materials
Welding wire, welding powder, flux, solder, solder, thermal spray material, tungsten electrode, other welding materials
Low-voltage electrical appliances
Circuit breaker relay switch electrical power supply electrical appliance frequency converter contactor fuse resistor brake compensator capacitor electrical accessories other
Medium and high voltage electrical appliances
Vacuum Appliance High Voltage Circuit Breaker Arrester Isolation Switch Relay Protection Grounding Switch Lightning Arrester Other
Power transmission and distribution equipment
DC Power Cabinet Substation Voltage Regulator Transformer Capacitor Transformer Distribution Box / Distribution Cabinet Ring Network Cabinet Current Voltage Transformer Rectifier Reactor Reactive Compensation and Filtering Device Automation Control Bridge Bus Bar Switch Cabinet Power Cabinet Distribution Panel
Reciprocating switch Load switch Foot switch Switch Power disconnect switch Wall switch Stroke switch Pressure switch Transfer switch Other switches
Electronic components
Two, triode integrated electrical circuit board resistance capacitor potentiometer sensor piezoelectric crystal frequency control element module patch capacitor passive crystal oscillator other


Industrial robot
Welding robot Palletizing robot Sorting robot Mobile trolley AGV handling robot Assembly robot Stamping, forging robot Spraying robot Cutting robot grinding, polishing robot Cleaning robot Sewing robot Bending robot Other industrial robots


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