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2019.11.28-12.04 NO. 323

Five policies worth watching in the field of video surveillance in 2019

In 2019, relevant national departments and industry associations have successively issued a series of policies and regulations related to video surveillance, which have played a positive role in regulating and guiding video surveillance digitalization and intelligence. So, what are the policies and standards of video surveillance worth noting in 2019? [Details ]

The top ten social hotspot events of 2019

Implementation of the new requirements for mobile phone cards requires consistent portrait comparison

How has 2017 and 2019 changed compared to the security industry?

Hikvision and Zhejiang Wanli College Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Zhejiang Wanli College and Hikvision signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will form an in-depth partnership in the fields of smart campus construction and AI big data research to establish and enhance the smart campus system. [ Details ]
Blue Card Technology: New Upgrade of Parking Charges in Zhuhai Sports Center
The Zhuhai Sports Center parking lot uses a blue card LCD high-speed license plate recognition gate code scanning and payment all-in-one machine, which can achieve 0.6 seconds high-speed gate opening, alleviating the congestion of stadium entrances on weekends and holidays. [ Details ]
Dahua shares hands with Kaiyuan Tourism to create a new chapter in industry development
Dahua shares signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kaiyuan Tourism. The two parties will complete the exploration of new models of construction, operation and management in related fields, and work together to promote the improvement of industry efficiency and service quality. [ Details ]
Jiesi Parking Cloud Hosting Helps Shenzhen Industrial Transformation and Upgrade Demonstration Park
Jiesi Parking uses the "high-precision license plate recognition + unmanned toll + cloud seats + emergency inspection" mode to carry out unattended transformation and centralized control of nearly 1,700 parking spaces in the park's parking lot. [Details ]
Minglue Technology and Tsinghua University jointly host ICDM 2019
The 19th ICDM 2019 conference was co-sponsored by Tsinghua University and Minglue Technology. Professor Wu Xindong, Dean of the Mingluo Academy of Sciences, and Professor Francisco Herrera of Granada University co-chaired the conference. [ Details ]
Ruiwei realizes digital transformation with seven wolves nationwide offline stores
Facing the need for digital transformation in offline scenarios, Seven wolves chose Ruiwei as a smart retail solution, leveraging AI to mine offline data value, optimize store and store staff management, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency. [ Details ]
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